Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Hell That Awaits Me

        So I suppose this will be a relatively short post.  I just want to take the time to discuss the concept of Heaven and Hell.  I imagine that most people probably don’t put too much thought into this, but recently I have.  Here's what doesn't add up for me: 
        Let's just assume, for simplicity purposes, that every human being lives to the age of 80.  This is, of course, also assuming that you die of natural causes.  That means you have 80 years to do everything possible to get into Heaven.  This means you lived a good life based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and accepted him into your heart.  For this, you are allowed to live for all eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven.  So, for only 80 years you get an eternity of happiness.  Honestly, you don't even need to spend your entire 80 years "living a good life", all you really need to do is repent before your time comes and you're golden.  You could have been an evil, sinful person for 79 years but "see the light" and change your ways during that last year and there you have it; an eternity in heaven.  Seems legit, right?  But what happens if at the age of 78 you are killed in a car crash?  Well, looks like you better pack your bags for some warmer weather.
        For only 78 years' worth of sin and evil doing you are to spend all of eternity in the flaming pits of Hell.  Seems a rather harsh punishment if you ask me.  Especially if my only "sin" was not accepting Jesus into my life.  I'm to be tortured and burned and live the worst possible existence for all of eternity simply for 78 years of wrongdoing? This fact, alone, tells me that the concepts of both Heaven and Hell are completely flawed.
        Now let's touch on another aspect of all of this.  Most Christians believe that God controls their destinies.  If this is true then, 1. God should already know that you were going to repent at the age of 79 and therefore you should actually end up in Heaven anyways and 2. Even with this knowledge he chose to end your life at 78 with a car crash instead of giving you the chance to live out the rest of your life and eventually repent.

        It seems to me that the concept of Heaven and Hell wasn't thought out too well.  If it was, well then, whomever came up with the idea was a complete idiot.


  1. This sums it up perfectly. For me the concept of an omniscient god is a big problem with the hell concept as well. After all as you pointed out,then we can't make a choice to go to heaven anyway.

    1. Exactly. Which also reminds me of the flaw between God's supposed omniscience and our supposed free will.