Friday, September 27, 2013

God…Eat A Snickers…

        When considering God, as he is in the Bible, one can't help but think how flawed he is.  One might even say that he displays "human" tendencies.  In debates about God the Old Testament is brought up quite often.  The rebuttal to the Old Testament is, according to Christians, the New Testament.  It's not my goal to argue morality here so the New Testament, as I see it, is irrelevant to today's topic.  Even if it is relevant it would only further my position.
        So the story goes that God created man and then gave them free will.  I'm not even going to get into that fallacy right now.  So anyways, God give man (the human race that is) free will because he wants their love for him to be genuine.  Kudos to God for at least giving us the option, right?  Now here's where flaws start showing up.  Take the story of Noah and his Ark, for example.  God doesn't like what we have done with our free will so he kills everyone except Noah and his family.  Hmm, if you're going to kill us all for using our free will doesn't make much sense to give it to us in the first place right.  What you're basically saying is that we are free to do what we want so long as it's also what you want.  Seems to me this whole "free will" idea wasn't exactly what you had in mind.  You made a mistake and had to correct it.  Hardly the work of an all-knowing and all-doing type of person.
        Then we have the exodus story.  Quick question; if you're an omniscient being why the lamb's blood on the doorways?  If you're God wouldn't you already know who those people are that follow you?  Let's talk about these plaques of his.  As an omniscient being wouldn't he already have known that all the plagues but the last one would work?  So why all the other plagues?  Is God just that sadistic that he simply enjoyed watching those people suffer through all the other plagues?  Not to mention the fact that, as an omnipotent being, isn't there better ways of getting your point across than killing innocent little boys?  This seems more like a story written by men than it does the actions of a great and powerful being.  God did, after all, create those Egyptians too.  All those first born sons never even had the chance to use their free will to eventually find God and let him into their lives.  That doesn't sound like the "just" God Christians speak so highly of.
        Now we come to the later portion of the Exodus story.  If you want the details read the Bible.  Apparently Moses pisses of God and so God forces the Jews to wander the desert for forty years.  One man does the wrong thing and an entire people are punished for it?  Is that a fair and just God?  I think not.   Also, apparently God promises all these people their own land to call their home.  Here's the catch, it's actually already occupied.  So let me get this straight, and omniscient God couldn't find these people some unoccupied land?  Seems to me like, once again, we have man trying to justify an invasion and conquering of someone else's home.  Why would God do such a thing?  Why would he allow the genocide of another race of human beings (still the same ones he created) and not give them a chance to, once again, use their free will to find God and let them into their hearts?

        None of this has anything to do with human morality.  Although one could argue that it makes God seem imperfect and definitely immoral.  This is usually the part, though, that you here Christians bring Jesus into the picture.  According to them Jesus came and changed everything.  That argument really only seems to work when talking about the morality of man though.  Even then it's flawed but I'll leave that alone for now.  If you try to use that argument for the case of God you are simply further perpetuating the notion that God was an imperfect being and had to come down to Earth as a human being himself (don't get me started on that) to let everyone know that he made a bunch of mistakes but he's sorry and he promises he's a changed God.  Wow, only a couple of examples and already I think this God is a jerk.  Imagine if I took the time to point all of God's other fallacies.  This blog post would probably turn into book if I did such a thing.  So all I have to say is: "God…eat a snickers….because you turn into a jealous, egotistical, immoral asshole when you're hungry."


  1. Perfect! The God of the Bible is a sadist that much is evident even in the stories that everyone knows, as we know most theists don’t read the bible fully. I agree God really needs some counselling as he is all about the blood, guess if he was around for real he would be in a psych ward for the criminally insane.

    1. Most definitely! And this is the same entity that millions of people worship, not to mention claim to have received their moral values from.