Friday, September 13, 2013

Who Made God?

When I was a young boy (around 8 years of age) I asked my dad, "If God made everything, who made God?"  His answer to me was ridiculous but I can't blame him because the question was thrown at him from out of nowhere and he had no clue how to answer something like that.  Needless to say "God always was and God always will be" didn't sit too well with me.  Everything has a beginning.  I probably would have accepted something along the lines of "God just came into existence one day" more so than the answer my dad gave me.  Even so, most Christians really do believe God is outside of time and space and that's why we couldn't possibly fathom his existence in the first place.  However, to those people I say that if that is true then miracles, visions, and any other interference/intervention by God couldn't possibly have been the work of God.  That would require that he be in both time and space to accomplish these things and if this is true then he wouldn't be outside them would he?  The idea of a personal god is just plain ludicrous.  A creator of the universe, however, is definitely something that could be possible.

Imagine an entity that is a part of a species that has existed for millions of years.  Through evolution or even technology over such a long span it is logical to assume that such a species would be very powerful.  When you think about the progress being made currently by our own species involving the technology of terraforming planets it's not such a far-fetched idea.  Now with millions of years to perfect and even improve such a technology, being able to create a universe is seemingly plausible.  So maybe there is some alien species out there that is responsible for creating the universe we live in.  Hell, maybe our universe is currently within some petri dish style object in some laboratory of some alien species.  We might possibly be some science fair project currently being examined through some sort of microscope.  As crazy as this all sounds, it still seems more likely to me than the Christian account of the origin of the universe.  If I happen to be right then every single inhabitant of this planet has been worshipping the wrong "god" this entire time.

This brings me to the creation of the Christian God.  The most plausible explanation of his existence is that of man.  Long before God ever spoke to Abraham human beings had worshipped this god or that for a very long time.  Where was the Christian God then?  Was he too busy with other things to bother to correct humans on who it was they should have been worshipping?  Most likely Abraham (or some other random guy, who knows?) felt some need for answers to questions that he had.  He decides that "God" must be the answer.  He then goes on to create an entire religion based upon this belief. There you have it folks!  The creator of the creator.  Well, maybe that's not quite how it went but I'm assume it was something along those lines.  If humans just simply invented all of these other religions than how is it so hard to believe that Christianity doesn't follow the same?
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